Big #1 Motorsports Suzuki Presents Xtreme International Ice Racing

The Xtreme International Ice Racing XIIR tour presented by Big #1 Motorsports Suzuki is returning to Pelham on January 20, 2024. 

Xtreme International Ice Racing (XIIR) is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping motorsport that takes the excitement of motorcycle racing to a whole new level, all on the frozen surface of an ice rink. Imagine the high-speed action of traditional motorcycle racing combined with the thrilling challenges of racing on ice. It's a sport that's guaranteed to leave spectators on the edge of their seats.

Here's an overview of the XIIR tour for someone who's new to the world of ice motorcycle racing:

  • Motorcycles on Ice: In XIIR, fearless riders equipped with specially modified motorcycles take to an ice-covered track. These bikes are fitted with razor-sharp studded tires, providing the necessary grip to navigate the slippery surface. The result is a breathtaking display of power, control, and agility.
  • Jaw-Dropping Speed: One of the most striking aspects of XIIR is the incredible speed at which the motorcycles race across the ice. These riders reach speeds that will leave you in awe, all while skillfully maneuvering through sharp turns and challenging obstacles.
  • Skill and Precision: Ice racing demands exceptional skill and precision from the riders. The slightest miscalculation can lead to a spectacular crash, making every race a heart-pounding spectacle. It's not just about speed; it's about maintaining control under the most extreme conditions.
  • Spectacular Stunts: XIIR isn't just about racing; it's also a show filled with thrilling stunts and daredevil maneuvers. Riders perform jaw-dropping jumps, slides, and spins on the ice, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.
  • Family-Friendly Entertainment: XIIR is not only a thrilling sport but also a family-friendly entertainment option. The combination of high-speed action and gravity-defying stunts makes it a captivating experience for spectators of all ages.
  • Competitive Racing: The XIIR tour features a series of races and competitions, often with skilled riders from around the world vying for victory. This competitive aspect adds an extra layer of drama and intensity to the event.
  • Unique Atmosphere: Attending an XIIR event is not just about watching races; it's about immersing yourself in the unique atmosphere. The roar of the engines, the crunch of the studded tires on ice, and the cheers of the crowd create an unforgettable ambiance.
  • Community and Fan Engagement: XIIR events often foster a sense of community among fans and riders. It's a chance to meet the riders, get autographs, and be part of a passionate fan base.
  • Winter Excitement: XIIR brings the thrill of motorsports to the winter season, offering a unique alternative to traditional winter activities. It's an excellent way to beat the cold and enjoy an action-packed event.

Tickets will be available starting October 6, 2023, via Ticketmaster.

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