Exciting News for Pelham Tennis Center

Starting January 2020 (Winter USTA leagues), Pelham Tennis Center will be offering Team Fees! There are no more memberships at PTC.

We are so excited to offer this to Pelham and close communities. Below is the new structure of PTC starting in January 2020.

Have a membership now and want to know how this affects you? Keep reading!

Team Fee $250 per team
This fee will paid in one payment by the team captain prior to any match being played. You may mail your payment, call it in or drop it off! It’s up to you to divide it up among your team members however you like!

Not playing on a team and just want to play for fun?
Pelham Residents – No fee
Out of Pelham – $3 per person
*Pelham Residents- you can reserve a court 2 days prior.
*Out of Pelham – you can reserve a court 1 day prior.

If you have paid for a membership that runs past January 2020, you will be reimbursed the remaining months. A check will be mailed to you by the end of January.

Thank you for playing in Pelham!
We hope to see you on the courts soon!

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