Phase II Re-Opening Plans

We are moving on to the next phase!! Please see the attached policies and procedures. Below are some highlights.

What’s new?

  • USTA resumes play on June 15th!
  • The PRC clubhouse is open on a limited basis. We will continue to encourage pre pay (call in your credit card) and payment outside during peak times (cash and check) to keep the amount of people in clubhouse down and to help move things along faster. It is very important for you to check in at the clubhouse and give us all names that will be on the court with you. The downstairs restrooms in clubhouse have a 3 person max and the 2nd floor clubhouse restroom will still be available with access from the outside. There are still some areas in the clubhouse that are closed.
  • Please don’t forget all memberships resume in July.
  • We are now only closed on Sundays. For Monday reservations, you may call on Saturday to book a court. This is only because we are closed on Sundays for the month of June.

What’s the same?

  • Lessons will continue to have their own entrance/exit on the bottom tier.
  • Please continue to bring what you need (towels, cups, water, sports drinks, ice), we are not providing coolers on the court, ice, towels, or cups.


We are excited that we will be able to host the Southern L2 Boys 16s & 18s, July 18-20. This will be a modified tournament using a virtual tournament desk and will be singles only.

What is the staff doing for your safety?

  • Every staff member completes a health screening upon arrival at any Pelham facility daily.
  • Every staff member will maintain 6 ft distance or wear a mask when in close proximity.
  • Every staff member handling money or products will wear gloves.

Pelham Tennis Center

Will continue to be on a first come basis for regular play. The building will be open for restroom use during scheduled USTA matches and when a teaching pro is there giving lessons. We have already scheduled USTA matches, so there is no need to let us know unless you are not playing your match on the scheduled date and time and/or you have rescheduled for another date that we need to mark down. We are not taking reservations for regular play at this time. If you would like to know ahead of time how many courts are being used for lessons or league play or to make a change for your USTA match, please call 205-621-3380. All calls to PTC are automatically sent to PRC.

We want to thank you for an awesome first few weeks back!! By following these policies and procedures, you really helped things run smoothly! We also want to thank you for your patience as we move into each phase. It is very important to us to provide a fun and safe environment so we can all continue to do what we love!

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