The Pelham Racquet Club is the largest public clay court facility in the state offering 20 clay courts and 5 hard courts. By joining The Pelham Racquet Club, you will have use of the hard courts at the Pelham Tennis Center, located at Pelham City Park.  A membership at the Pelham Racquet Club also includes league fees.


Pelham ResidentsNon-Residents
Individual$420.00/year $35.00/month$660.00/year $55.00/month
Family$480.00/year $40.00/month$720.00/year
Senior (62<)$360.00/year $30.00/month$600.00/year
Senior Family (62<)$420.00/year $35.00/month$660.00/year
Junior (<18)$396.00/year $33.00/month$516.00/year
Non-Members$10.00 Daily Fee
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