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Apparel Now In Stock!

We offer the latest in fashion apparel from Wilson sporting goods.  We are able to purchase for you, most brands of clothing.  In most cases the prices are less than our competitors.  Please check with the front desk if you have questions regarding any line of clothing.  We will be happy to research your request and get you an answer within 24-48 hours.  Sometimes we can get you a price within the hour.  For any team needs, please also check with the front desk.  Thanks in advance for letting us serve you within our Pro Shop.

Available Stringing Services:
Babolat VS Team Natural Gut 16 & 17 Gauge $68.00
Babolat VS Plus Natural Gut Custom Hybrid  $43.00
Babolat Tonic Plus $52.00
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour $32.00
Wilson NXT $35.00
Wilson Reaction  $32.00
Wilson Sensation $29.00
Wilson Stamina Synthetic Gut $25.00
Wison K-Gut Pro $48.00
Wilson Hyperlast $32.00
Prince Premier with softflex $32.00
Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex $24.00
Prince Synthetic Gut Original $25.00
Gamma TNT $30.00
Gamma TNT 2 Fusion Plus $34.00
Gamma TNT 2 Pro Plus $36.00
Gamma Gut 2 $25.00
Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power $37.00
Technifiber NRG2 Power $35.00
Labor with customers string $16.00
Grips and Accessories:
Unique Tournagrip $ 6.00
Prince Microzorb Overgrip $ 6.00
Prince Duratac Replacement Grip $ 8.00
Prince Duraperf Replacement Grip $ 8.00
Prince Duraperf Contour Replacement Grip $ 8.00
Gamma Grip 2 Overgrip $ 6.00
Wilson Pro Overgrip $ 6.00
Wilson Micro Dry Max Replacement Grip $ 8.00
Gamma Shockbuster Vibration Dampener $ 5.00
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